Meet Our Seek The Peak Trainer - Marieve Legrand

Marieve Legrand is an Occupational Therapist, a Run Ambassador for lululemon athletica and a mother of 2. She has always loved sports, the outdoors and being active. Her love of running started with cross-country at the age of 11. Despite switching to basketball throughout high school and university, she continued to enjoy running considering it a perfect way to maintain endurance. Over the years, running has provided Marieve with a way to escape, clear her head as well as an opportunity to build new friendships and create lasting memories. In particular, she loves trail running the challenging terrain of Vancouver’s North Shore. Having found running so enriching to her life, Marieve loves to share her passion with as many people as she can. Through running she hopes to pass on her own knowledge by coaching and guiding others so that they too can set their goals as high as they want them to be!